Actor, TV Host

SARAH LIAN is the brains behind Suppagood Collective, one part boutique Talent Management empowering an exclusive female roster and one part Public Relations and the highly praised Supparetreat – women focused community that aim to educate, equip and empower women with the right tools to succeed in life, love and work. Commonly invited on podcasts, interviews and panels to speak about inspiring the next generation of women leaders, Sarah is a popular personality on stage and in entertainment.

She has carved an illustrious career for herself across the regions of North America and Asia. Her wit and charm makes her an in-demand TV personality and master of ceremonies. Aside from hosting, she is an International award-winning actress in notable films including “Jasmine” (2015), “Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong” (2015); plus local films “Fly by Night” (2018) and Get Hard Tongkat Ali (2017).

Melissa Tan

Sustainability Advocate

MELISSA TAN is a passionate Eco-Warrior who advocates for Sustainable Living and #zerowaste habits for everyone. She forms part of The Green Guerrilla; a green collective in Malaysia that celebrates and shares sustainable ways of living. She worked with Greenpeace for the Rainbow Warrior Ship’s Southeast Asia tour, and is a long-standing volunteer with PAWS Animal Welfare Society. 

In 2020, she was named Malaysia’s Earth Day Network Ambassador and subsequently appointed the Country co-ordinator for Fashion Revolution Malaysia. She writes about zero waste living and other areas of sustainability on her website, heymelissatan.com.

Nana Al Haleq

Wellness Coach

A certified coach with credentials from Australian Strength Performance, NANA AL-HALEQ is a highly motivated individual who is constantly striving to be the best at what she does. She is the most recognised female fitness influencer in Malaysia with the most following on Instagram she creates products to help men and women achieve their health goals.

Notable for her Corporate Wellness Programs where she helps develop programs for companies to instill good fitness and nutrition habits in their respective companies. She has worked with companies like Petronas, Intel, and Prasarana.

Reinventing herself from an influencer to a TV-Host, in a short span of 2 years, she has hosted popular television shows on NTV7, ASTRO and RTM, namely the Feel Good Show, Fitness Battle, Jom Kurus, Kami Geng FIT, and A-Z Aktif. She’s an official brand ambassador athlete with Under Armour.

Racheal Kwacz

Child and Family Development Specialist

RACHEAL KWACZ is a Child and Family Development Specialist, Business Owner, Women’s Leadership Speaker and Mama Tribe Writer. Having trained, educated, and worked in the USA, Racheal studied under Deborah Carlisle Solomon, former RIE® Executive Director, in Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach. She has a degree in Theatre and Child & Family Development and is a master of marrying both her backgrounds into a Lively, Fun, and Interactive experience.  She incorporates all of these elements in her reknown online Masterclass.

This Thought Leader has years of International Experience working with children, training educators, leading and developing curriculum for childcare centres, and being a parent educator. She specialises in equipping and empowering parents with tools for Respectful Parenting through the “RACHEAL Method”.