Freda Liu is a vivacious persona who has lived and breathed business in the past decade with Malaysia’s only business radio station and has conducted over 5000 interviews and some prominent names include Martin Cooper, author Stephen Covey, motivational speaker Nick Vijucic, former GE CEO Jack Welch, the Duke of York HRH Prince Andrew to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

At BFM, her show Enterprise provides the tools to help businesses succeed covering topics with the startup scene, personal development, technology to organizational development. While Her Vantage talks about women of leadership and influence to showcase women representation in all strata of society from sports, the arts & sciences to entrepreneurship.

Freda has authored five books called “PR Yourself” and “Shake & Spear Your Business: The Romeo & Juliet Way,” and “Everybody Loves Ray” (biography) “Bursting Fixed Mindsets” and her latest “In Your Skin”. She also contributes to The Star, one of the leading English newspapers.

She was recently awarded the ASEAN Rice Bowl Awards for Malaysia Startup Journalist Of The Year and a nominee for MaGIC’s Social Enterprise journalist. Freda is a member of the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs Malaysia (NAWEM) and the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAS). She started her Lean In Circle called Think and the Malaysian chapter and has over 100 members in her group.




Enterprise airs Mondays to Fridays. It caters to SMEs and managers covering the tools for organizations to build their business.

Your personalised news feed, curated and presented by the guys who deal with SME-related news on a daily basis: the producers behind all the Enterprise shows on BFM. Enjoy an hour of friendly, informative banter on everything you need to know in the world of building and growing your business, from seeking out capital to next generation business solutions, and tech-trends to office survival tips.


HerVantage is a weekly show that focuses on women of leadership and influence in all strata of society from business, science, sports and everything else under the sun. Women need to be seen represented everywhere.


In Your Skin (2019)

This book extracts gems from individuals who have forged their own path despite their insecurities to reach that stage of getting comfortable in their own skin


Shake and Spear (2013)

This book aims to explore the mindset within the world of business by busting common myths with real stories found in corporate Malaysia.


Take a look at some of Freda’s main speaking topics: 

Bursting Fixed Mindsets

Most women-owned businesses don’t make it pass the million ringgit mark. It doesn’t just take money to make money, it takes a certain mindset and grit. She shares insights on mindsets of female entrepreneurs who broke the million ringgit mark 

Beyond Titles, PR Yourself

How do build your brand in the workplace and in your business? How do you stand out from the crowd? Let your authenticity and personal story be your USP using tools you’re comfortable with.


How do you work out your values which will inevitably determine how you plan your career, family and relationships? Make every year count. Heck, make every day count. How to stay energized and purposeful.

In Your Skin

What’s your definition of success? Are you measuring your success by other’s success? Freda shares excerpts from her book to be truly successful by YOUR standards, values and strengths.

Lead Role – Play (2009) *Singapore Youth Film Festival Silver Award