Nana Al Haleq is a certified coach with credentials from Australian Strength Performance (ASP). She has qualifications in Hypertrophy I, Advanced Hypertrophy and Fat Loss. She has facilitated wellness programs with the nation- wide JOM KURUS and working with corporate entities for their wellness campaigns such as CIDM, Khazanah, MARA, and RapidRail.

You may recognise her as the host of popular shows on Astro and RTM in Fitness Battle, Jom Kurus and A-Z Aktif. As a brand ambassador and body sculptor, she represents BeFit, Maxine and Under Armour.


Fitness Influencer

Brand Ambassador

BeFit Brand Ambassador Maxine Brand Ambassador

Under Armour Athlete

Awards and Nominations

6th Place WBFF Australia

2017 HURR.TV Charged Fitness Nominee

2017 Asia Beauty Wellness Awards – Fitness Nominee

2017 Fitness Best Trendsetter Finalist

2017 Top 15 Fitness Category Influence Asia

Corporate Wellness Program

Nana has been working with numerous organisations facilitating their Corporate Wellness Programs to promote health and wellness in the workplace. Not only does she provide a specialised 12-week transformation program, she also offers consulting services to food selection and meal plans.

Coach & TV Host

Within a few years of being active in the fitness industry, Nana has had the privilege of hosting various programs and segments online and on television. As a notable face in her Malay-speaking demographic, she has experience working on programmes that are fitness-based.

Television Programs

Astro Go Shop, Guest Host

Astro Be “Fitness Battle”

Astro Bella “Jom Kurus”

RTM “A-Z Aktif”

Astro Awani – FitAwani

Online Programs

Shape Stream



In The Media



Interview, PM Live

Interview, Shape Stream



Berita Harian

Harper’s Bazaar



Women’s Health



Buro247 Malaysia

Sweat Slim Case