Feeling stuck in your career? Not too sure what to do next? Feel like your stardom is hitting a plateau? We work on manageable and feasible projections for career planning and help fine tune artistes until they’re ready to take things to the next level.

We will help by assessing the environment and the artiste. WE can help build projections and relevant targets together. We will also assist you by finding the right tools and resources to expedite your goals into reality.


We believe that learning is an ongoing process of life. No matter how high or how far you’ve reached, honing your craft is still very important. We set up workshops open to help grow our artistes’ skill sets anywhere from vocal training, questioning and behaviour methods, acting classes and tv-prompter workshops. Developing your skills and training is integral to your career.

Aligning your needs to grow with the current trends and working closely to monitor your direction is just a few things that we will offer in our mentorship. We believe in creating strong foundations and authentic brands which are true to our artists. We intend to help you find your inner voice.

We are committed to helping you find what you are looking for among our existing roster of celebrities. Casting is an important part of making the entire project come to life and we’re on the pulse to build your reputation with the right name that will personify your brand. We sift through the trenches to get what you are looking for. ¬†With all of our contacts connected to the best agencies in town, let us know if you need us to facilitate a casting session for your latest project.

We are currently representing a few exclusive artistes and work on developing them to reach their own potential. We really dig deep to invest in them and in return we know that both our artistes and us will walk out of a win-win situation.

Through a monthly monitoring system on aspects like social media, visibility, branding and messaging, we aim to develop your presence among other brands.